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  1. I just fixed the same problem on my car Sunday. be careful putting the plastic nut back, it is easy to cross thread it. Easy fix though. The nut on mine had come totally off I found it by my back seat
  2. 93 SC400, mainly to be a fun commuter. May add some nitrous eventually. Got it for $1500 after some haggling and some waiting. Had it about a month now, needed a new battery right away, fixed the problem with the plastic nut backing out on the gear rod and making my driver seat jam. Needs a speed sensor, led tips on the gauge needles tach and speed are burnt out, fuel is burning out the middle, and a good wheel alignment. All but alignment will be diy. Mods I know of as bought: 17x9 American Racing "Rebel" wheels, 245/45r17, pair of apexi mufflers, BFI intake mod (needs cleaned up but functional), struts etc look fairly standard but I haven't cleaned them off to look. 25 years old