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  1. I am new owner of 2006 Lexus RX330. When I bought it the tire pressure was set to 40 psi and no problem of whatsoever. It's manual says tire pressure should be 30 psi so I reduced the tire pressure to 32 psi and have my wheel alignment checked and after driving a few miles (less than 100) warning signs of VSC, Air bag came on. Now I want those warning sings re- settled or removed. What trigger that signs and how to reset it? Anybody there with the same problem? Thank you very much
  2. Why Did You First Come To Lexus Owners Club ?

    Recently I just bought 2006 RX330 at 74K miles and I love the car. Being aware that down the road every cars need some maintenance is the very reason I joined the club LOC which so far I am completely satisfied of comments from its members. You guys are great more than any other auto groups. Thanks