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  1. Thanks PRV, this is what I thought. The reason I asked is that I actually own the LC500 (sport/performance package) and have brought it to a couple of track events. However, when I run it in Sport+ mode, the engine oil heats up fast within 2 minutes (not coolant though) to the redline in about 6 minutes and I get an error message that the transmission fluid is overheated. Of course I stop right away, or if I turn it to normal mode before it gets too high, then it returns to normal and I can run it on the track in normal with no problem. I asked about the RC F because both share the same engine. However, the RC F is built for the track and has numerous other features that appear to keep the oil heat low. In any event, I know the LC500 is not a F car or not made for the track, but I took it there because I wanted to drive it fast and see what it will do. It's a fabulous Grant Touring sports coupe, but not a Performance car (as some Lexus ads suggest). Anyway, I've tried to get Lexus to comment and they won't say anything. But I'm sure it has something to do with the venting design as well as some key features of the transmission. The new 10 speed transmission in its current form will not do well on a track in Sport+ mode. I suspect that it will in the LC F. In the meantime, I've developed a love for track driving and bought a Porsche 911 Carrera S, a car (2 weeks ago) that does extremely well on a track. I was reticent about getting an RC F, but now with your comments I can see that it is really built for the track. thanks again and enjoy your RC F on the track! PeterF
  2. thanks Lexus_DK, this detail is really helpful, BUT I'm actually less interested in the source of the problem, Lexus is trying to figure it out. I really just want to know if someone with a RCF has driven it on a track without these oil heating problems. The dealer ship owner seems to think that this engine is not really suited to drive on a track for up to 30 minutes in Sport+. I don't buy it at all. So, I'm looking for confirmation that others have driven their RC Fs on a track hard in Sport+ mode with no such problems. or a GS F, or the new LC500 (which has the same engine). Thank goodness that I have a great Lexus tech person. thanks for your response
  3. Has anyone taken their RC F to the track? ANd, have you had problems with the engine oil overheating when driving hard on a track in Sport_mode? The engine oil should get hotter than normal, but the engine oil in this V8 should not get up to the red line if you drive in Sport+ for up to 30 minutes straight on a track. Has anyone driven in Sport+ for up to 30 minutes on a track, hard driving?
  4. Hi! my name is Peter and I own a 2016 RC300 F sport. I joined 4-11-17 and posted something then, but in the wrong place so I am doing it the right way now :) . I am a dedicated Lexus owner. I've owned mainly GSs, until my interests turned to more sporty models last summer. I am very pleased with the new direction Lexus is taking exemplified by the new LC 500.
  5. Hi, I'm Peter F. I own a 2016 RC300 Fsport and will own this until June 2017. I love Lexus cars and have owned a number over the past number of years, mostly GSs,