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  1. I fixed the ac in my car. Issues was the expansion valve was bad and had to exchange the receiver/drier. Ac works good now only issue is the light keeps flashing but only when it wants. It doesn't do it all the time. And sorry for the late update.
  2. My Ac in my car don't work. Like in the mornings and night it comes out fresh almost cold, but during the day in the Florida heat it comes out hot. I have put freion in and that didn't change nothing. But I did notice recently my ac button on the control panel flashes sometimes only. It is a 95 Lexus es300.
  3. Sorry forgot to tell y'all the ecu did fix all the problems
  4. No relays or fuses are replaced car starts back up right away or sometimes there's a delay and I have to wait about 5 minutes
  5. I bought the ecu Wednesday and I get it today do you think I should put it in? I paid 300 for it brand beenew
  6. I have a 95 Lexus es300 automatic . I am currently on my 4th tran smission since September of 2015. So far all 4 transmission continue to have shifts slipping. Just today I was driving down the road and I was going about 50 mph and suddenly the car shuts off but the radio and windows still work. I had to crank it a couple times before it turned back on. I have been told that it may be the ecu. I went to orileys auto parts to get my check engine light checked and it won't read. The employee tried it about 5 times and every single time failed. Is this a sign of a bad ecu?
  7. I recently got my transmission changed due to slipping in my shifts and failing to shift from 2nd to 3rd. I got the car back and within a week I got the same issue so I got it replaced again for free though since it had 3 month warranty and now I am having to same issue but a little less now. And now that I got it in there's times when it feels like my car wants to lose power and shut off when I stop at traffic lights or stop signs. Could it be the transmission, sensor or maybe even the ecu? By the way it's a 95 Lexus es300