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  1. ok ill check that also...I am having the transmission checked right now.
  2. yes, my check engine light does come on.
  3. ahhhh ok didn't even notice...but I'll definitely check that out tomorrow, when I take my son to school. thank you
  4. see thats what I am thinking. I have an appointment on Tuesday to get the transmission diagnosed. I hope someone can lol it idles rough in drive when I am at a red light. I told the dealership everything. I know I need a tune up...I have that appointment Thursday.
  5. it's a 2000 gs 300. I have owned this vehicle for 6 months. no modifications as far as I know. 165 500 miles. I have not disconnected the battery or have done anything to the vehicle. it did not act like this for the first 2 months that I have owned the car. I have taken it to an automotive repair shop and the dealership. both have done diagnostics and scanned the car and no codes have came back, and no vehicle lights on the dash. the dealership said it was normal, but it's not normal because it did not do it when I first bought the car. thank you for your help.
  6. So I am having problems with my rpms...when I am cruising at 80 mph my rpms are at 3000, when I am cruising at 100mph my rpms are at 4000 and not dropping down...I took it to the lexus dealership in roseville ca, and they said no codes were kicking back and thats normal for the rpms to be that high. It's not normal because when I bought the car it wasn't doing that at all...can someone please help. Otherwise I am gonna sell the car and buy german.