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  1. Still Learning...

    Hello again, Is there a way to increase the volume (beeps) of the front/rear paring sensors 06 LS? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your replies above. Yes. The Toyota dealership was able to look up my VIN and was able to see all the work the previous Lexus dealership had performed. The Toyota service manager also stated that I can go and bring my own Lexus parts and bring it to him to install.
  3. Hello from Virginia - I'm new to this forum site and this is my first post. I just purchased a clean, low mileage, Lexus maintained 06 LS430 with less than 40K - dark cherry pearl. I am looking for some advise and if anyone has had any similar experiences. The question I have is do I want my local Lexus or Toyota dealer to maintain my car? For instance, the Lexus dealer quoted me $1400 to change the timing belt, H2O pump and related tensioners, flush the brakes and power steer fluids, and change the serp belt. The Toyota dealer wants $800 for the same work. The Toyota service manager stated they work on Lexus cars all the time. He also stated the parts for the timing belt and H2O pump, etc. are the same exact part for Lexus and Toyota except for the part numbers and packaging. My slight concern comes down to peace of mind. They was i see it is a Lexus service technician is more familiar and better trained/qualified to do such type of extensive work on his name brand car over a Toyota service technician, however, the 4.3 engines is used on both Toyota and Lexus. Thoughts, comments? Thanks.