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  1. Top hinge replacement

    Is there a diy (pictures please) on how to change a passenger side trunk lid hinge? can I move the hinge without damaging it when I install the new one? thanks in advance
  2. hello club i have a 03 sc430 and when I try to put the top up or down the top pauses and i hear a whirring sound coming from the rear of the car on the passenger side. It stays paused for a moment and then it resumes and goes through the motion of opening and closing!!!! I checked the parts that I could see the cables on in the trunk they didn't seem out of place i tried to put the top down and it went through the motions... trunk lifts up top goes into trunk and that's when it pauses the whirring motor sound starts for maybe 4 seconds and the the trunk closes and it's the same when I try to closes trunk opens top comes up locks into place whirring sound starts then the trunk closes the newest issue now is top light on the dash comes on and the top will not move whirring noise from passenger side (still) I disconnected the battery and the light goes off after a couple of tries the top works this problem is intermittent UPDATE: I took my car to get a check engine and vsc on light diagnosed the mechanic told me what was wrong and cleared the codes i had already put the top down when I got home the top wouldn't close after pushing the button a bunch oh times the top finally closed I took the car back and had the car scanned for top codes none found .so can the the button on the climate control be going bad?