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  1. Replaced all three coil pack, wires, and all 6 plugs
  2. Here is my problem, I started having a miss fire in number one then a random misfire I have replaced all three coil packs plug wires and plugs yet I still am having a miss fire. It all started after I stopped at a mom and pop gas station and filled up so I changed everything mentioned above even after putting heet and injector cleaner thinking I had water in my fuel from all the rain that we had. So today I used some throttle and I take cleaner to clean up any goop that may have got into the system so now it does not misfire as bad now at idle but on exceleration it still does and the check engine lite will come on and you can really feel the misfire but when I let up on the throttle for a bit the engine lite will go off. But I still am having this performance issue what else should I look at or do to fix this issue