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  1. gs300 random misfire

    What did the shop diagnosis the problem as? I just replaced my mass air flow sensor and that helped. Im having misfiring only under 1000 rpms. I just got throttle body cleaner and seafoam, we will see if that helps. Otherwise ill have to get more diagnostics done.
  2. gs300 random misfire

    I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered it from amazon for a good price too. I read 2 treatments is best for high mileage. Goodluck.
  3. gs300 random misfire

    I have a 2000 gs300. It misfired then i had lights come on which once codes were read it turned out to be a mass air flow sensor which im getting replaced soon. It has almost 200 thousand miles and i used chevron fuel injector cleaner before my next fill up and that fixed the misfiring for me. Maybe its a sensor issue?