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  1. I was using stock style shocks... I blew them out because I was bottoming them on hard hits and didn't extend the bump stops to prevent this. You may also need to add a limiting strap to prevent over extension of the stock shocks or have the same result. Compress a front and rear until it bottoms and measure the distance from the stop then add bump stops or spacers to the stops to stop wheel travel before shock bottom. Then jack it up to get fool droop and measure the distance where the shock tops out and do the same to make a limit strap to do the same. I would get about a year out of stock s
  2. If I was doing it again I would go with the 40mm shock spacer instead of how I made my own spring lift. You will for sure need the camber bolts in the front if not two pair for even more adjustment. I think my single set of bolts was completely maxed. I went 245 but would also go down to the 235. Not sure how those fit as I was running a 2" spacer on stock wheels.. Can't wait to see it when you get it figured out! I thought I saw mine out in the wild the other day... couldn't confirm but it looks like all they did was swap out the wheels as it was still a little high... man that
  3. Love seeing the new additions to the crowd, keep em coming, they are looking great! I especially like seeing this on the 330's and 350's now. The strut spacers would for sure be the way to go to keep the cost down and make it simple, especially if they already adjust for the camber difference that is awesome. If you can get a link posted up for those spacers so everyone else can look into them if they wanted to. I don't want to turn this into a GX thread so I won't go into the build details but suffice to say... the GX has become a monster. It ate everything I had into my RX and was still hu
  4. Just so there is no confusion, this is just simply a limited slip (LS) differential, it is not a Torsen, it is not a Posi-trac and there is no such thing as a torsen posi. You can generically call it a posi but Pos-Trac is/was GM's name for their limited slip units, its like calling a bandage a Band-aid regardless of the brand. The problem with almost every limited slip is the clutches only have a certain amount of service life. I would not expect a 200k mile limited slip to really be any good without replacing the clutches but maybe you get a good one. Torsen is a completely different t
  5. You will likely not be able to find a part number unless you are browsing in that region. If you can get on a russian version of something like toyotapartsdeal and look at the parts breakdowns that would be the easiest. The US has the 'right to repair' laws which is why I can have a professional subscription to Toyota TIS and other Toyota in other regions may not have things like those breakdowns available. You might also be able to reach out to a business like partsouq and see if they can help source it for you. I buy the occasional new Toyota/Lexus part from them that are hard to find or mor
  6. I love seeing this thread continue. I still think about my lifted 00' RX every time I see one on the road because I had so much damn fun with it. One thing I would recommend for everyone using a spacer lift on a stock setup is to add bump stops to prevent bottoming the shock out. I damaged two sets of front shocks in a year on mine before I figured that one out. Or just be careful and don't hit stuff too hard but what fun is that...And also you definitely need the camber bolts. Mine was at the limit of adjustment with the lift I did. Here is my current build just to have a picture in my p
  7. The middle shaft was shortened about 1.5 in. When it twisted and it pulled the front shaft backwards. I was able to cut about a 3rd of an inch off the front of the front carrier mount so the axle flange hardware would clear. There was still enough spines in the output to still seal so I filled it back up. On Sunday it took me 3 hrs to go 50 miles back to civilization. I was able to track down a totaled 03 awd on craigslist. The driveshaft was pretty much all that was left abs she would only take $20 for it. A road trip with my dad and a few hours later I had it swapped out and was back on the
  8. So some blue devil in the oil and trans seams to have fixed it well enough for now. Yesterday i really could have used some frame sliders. We pulled the front shaft and ran out of front diff oil half way back to camp. She will not move with no oil in the front diff and none of the local salvage yards have an AWD. Guess i will be headed back to the river again for a "repair trip" soon.
  9. My rear main oil seal and transmission/transfer case input seal went out on the way back from my last trip. The oil leak was really bad but some blue devil rear main oil sealer did the trick in about 50 miles. The tranny fluid is getting worse and need to try some blue devil there. It is killing me that this might be the job that replaces my RX300, two stupid seals that would probably take me a few days to do. I have another trip coming up in a month and have started looking at a lower price GX470 as a replacement. The extra tow capacity and a V8 will is a must upgrade if we get a bigger boat
  10. Very nice guys. I had another successful trip a couple weeks ago and glad I replaced both front struts before I left. I finally got the suspension driving perfect with no rattles, no hard spots in the steering, no wander and no instability up to 90MPH. Only got stuck once this trip, honestly though an F350 would have gotten stuck so I don't feel too bad.
  11. I know the 1999 and 2000 vehicles you could get a limited slip rear as an option before electronic traction control. I had a limited slip rear tacked down for $300 at one point. Closest thing i could come up with. The lack of either on mine is why i try to keep it out of anything serious. Even 1-2" deep red clay mud on some of the "roads" we go down can be tricky. Not many options for better 4x4 other than maybe engine and drivetrain swap to something out of a 2.7L 4x4 taco. Major major build issues which is where considering an lx,gx might be recommended.
  12. Those tires/wheels look good. What are you waiting for? I just replaced my front shocks again. The front right went out last fall's trip through the woods when i noticed it ot hard i think. Those were KYB made in the US and it lasted about a year. Replaced with Gabriel Ultras made in China we will see. I also finally installed camber bolts on all 4 corners. I put them all at max to counter the spring lift (-2.5deg i think). I could probably use a hair more negative but they are close enough. It made major major improvements to the on road handling and braking. We will see
  13. still trying to get in touch with that Aus. suspension company. No reply on ebay so I messaged and called them today. Too bad they are on the other side of the Earth. I really don't feel like having to call them in the middle of the night or have them call me back and wake me up.. oh well. the price of progress. Gotta get Lexter ready for the next outing in a month or so.
  14. Those running boards look pretty nice on there. I almost had a set of them but the guy didn't want to dig them out of storage for me. I could really use more of a rocker guard/sliders setup anyways.The exhaust comes below the body and body channel a good bit and I have smashed it a few times and it catches if you hit anything like a ditch. This last time out I curbed it right in the middle of the muffler and in the same trip when I hydro locked the engine the Y pipe came loose. 3rd time is a charm, I finally safety wired the nuts and bolts. Those strut mount spacers would be by far the ea
  15. I contacted these guys that Brickwall linked to to see if they could make a 40-50mm lift for my 00' 300. I am not sure what the difference is between the two and don't have the time to really check and see of the 330-350 springs would work for me. I will keep you posted.
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