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  1. Hmm, that makes sense.....there are so many lawyers with litigious clients these days. Thanks again for your help, and stay safe! ;-) (My son-in-law used to Motocross as a hobby but gave it up when my daughter crossed the pond for marriage! I'm sure he'll get back into some form of the sport eventually)
  2. Hi Trevor, Thanks for your reply! Yes, we have "Slime" here in the States. In fact, my brother suggested the same thing! I wasn't sure what the website meant by this statement: " Install Slime in the tires of any off-highway vehicle and prevent flats before they occur." I don't know if that's a concern for me or not?. I'm planning a trip soon that will be approximately 1,400 miles round trip. Regards, Sheila
  3. Greetings! I've lurked this site for a number of years, so I guess it's time I became an official member. I bought my '07 ES350 new in '06 and it's been a great car....I plan on hanging onto her as long as I can. She has the original rims, which are now leaking like a sieve in the cold weather. I had no problems with tire leakage until I bought the first set of replacement tires, but ever since it's been a constant battle having the wheels "cleaned" and "sealed" at the tire shop. I need to purchase a set of replacement rims but am undecided where to buy, what brand, how much I need to spend and all. She's black, so I think silver or chrome would look the best. I have OEM 215/55R17 tires. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (If the old rims are not out-of-round and just need a GOOD refinishing, I'll likely keep them on hand as an extra set.)
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