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  1. I have (4) Like-New 18" Lexus OEM 74253 factory alloy-wheels, along with (4) Top-Rated & Barely-Used Michelin 235/60R18 Latitude X-Ice Xi2 Snow Tires. And YES, having grown up in Buffalo, NY, along with our living in the snow-belt of NE Ohio for10+ years now, these snow tires are simply incredible, completely transforming the vehicle into a Fun-To-Drive (in the snow) attacking machine. So if you enjoy driving in the snow like I do, you'll actually look forward to snow........ Additionally, these tires ride & handle very well, while also being very quiet, & super long lasting, based upon my previous experience with another set of them on a Honda Odyssey. And yes, I got 8+ years out of that set. And seeing how you need tires anyway, having a dedicated set of snow-tires has always made perfect sense to me, along with your greatly enhanced Safety & Peace of Mind. Reason for selling: Shortly after we purchased this very expensive set of tires & wheels (which retail for > $3,000), we purchased a winter home in extreme southern Texas. And seeing how we plan to sell our home here, we no longer have a need for them. Asking $1350. If interested, please call Dan @ 440-254-6504. And if you'd like to see some photo's, this item is posted on Craigslist, or I can email them to you. Thank you.
  2. Hi there. FYI, I just happen to have a complete set of (4) LEXUS OEM 18" alloy wheels, including (4) Top-Rated (and barely used) Michelin X-Ice Xi2 235/60R18 Snow Tires. The bad news (for me) is that shortly after we purchased them, we purchased a winter-home in extreme southern Texas = super poor planning on our part. The good news for you (or someone) is that I'm only asking $1350 for "this > $3000 package", as just one new wheel @ Lexus sells for > $500. And if you'd like to see some photo's of them, they're posted on Craigslist, or I can email some photo's to you. So if you're interested, please give me a call at 440-254-6504, which is in Northeast Ohio, east of Cleveland. Thank you. Dan.