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  1. I'm seeking a hard drive unit for the NAV/GPS computer (pn# 8684150040) in a 1998 LS400.  I'm not looking for the whole nav computer, just the hard drive that is mounted inside of the unit. 

      I'm aware that the last update was 2004 and don't care, I would just like the NAV to function for nostalgia purposes.  Please contact me at, as I don't come here much. 

    Thank you! 


  2. Jim,  Thanks for the response; that's what I kind of figured. I'm aware that the last update was 2004, but would like to get the nav running as more of a nostalgia thing. That, and I'm working on restoring the car to as close to "like new" condition as I can. I'm about 85% of the way and getting a hard-drive for the NAV would be icing on the cake, as that's the only factory option on the car that doesn't function properly. 

      This car and I have a very long history and many more years ahead of us. 

    Thanks again! 

  3. Apologies for bringing this post from the dead, but it was the most applicable to my situation.  1998 Lexus LS400, VIN JT8BH28F1W0120418, 

       I get this same error in my car, and I know why. The hard drive unit within the GPS/Nav computer has been removed. My question is, does anyone know where I can source the actual hard drive from?  I'm not talking about the Nav computer, which is PN 8684150040 and physically installed in the vehicle.   

    Ive been looking online for the past couple of days and I find absolutely no reference to the actual hard drive unit itself which should be installed in the GPS computer.  

    Thanks for any help.