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  1. Me too with 2015 Es300h, the needle did not move at all when I floored accelerator pedal!
  2. If your garage door opener does not have "LEARN" or "TRAINING" button, then follow steps 1 to 6 bellow: STEPS 1-6 ARE REQUIRED FOR BOTH ROLLING CODE AND NON-ROLLING CODE TRANSMITTERS. 1. Unplug the garage door opener motor from the house current. 2. Hold the end of the garage door opener remote control 2 to 5 inches from HomeLink. Make sure you are not blocking your view of the red light in HomeLink. 3. Press and hold the remote control button and one of the HomeLink buttons at the same time. (Note: Canadian owner’s, see manual for additional instruction.) 4. The red light in HomeLink should begin flashing. It will flash slowly at first, then rapidly. 5. When the red light flashes rapidly, release both buttons. HomeLink should have learned the code from the remote control. 6. Plug in the garage door opener motor, then test the HomeLink Transceiver button by pushing it. If the button does not work, repeat this procedure to train again. If it still does not work, you may have a variable or rolling code garage door opener. See if you do by pressing the HomeLink transceiver button you just trained. If the red light blinks for 2 seconds, then stays on, you have a rolling code garage door opener. Go to step 7. For rolling codes, you have to go through the instructions from number 1-6, and then start the rolling code procedures as follows. 7. Find the Training button on the garage or gate opener. Press and hold the button until the light next to the button comes on or blinks, then release it. You then have 30 seconds to complete the next step. 8. Press the button you just tried to train two times, holding it 3 to 4 seconds each time before releasing. The training light on the opener goes off. (Some systems may require you to press and release the button up to three times.) 9. Press the HomeLink button again to operate the garage door or gate opener. If you have a problem or for more information, call HomeLink at 1-800-355-3515 or visit their website at http://www.homelink.com/program/programming.tml
  3. My Sear garage door opener Model# 139.53606 has no Learn button. Anybody know how to use Homelink on my Lexus Es350 2008 to open the door? Thank you in advance! -Dennis
  4. Hi Dcfish, Would you give me the info/pricing the 100% OEM full nav systems and backup camera kit with plug and play harness for adding NAV to 2008 ES350? My email is ducpho10@yahoo.com Thank you -Dennis