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  1. Will 285/35/20 inch tires fit in the rear of the 07 GS? Half inch drop...
  2. Hello Lexus owners. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get new headlamps/headlights for my 2007 gs350. I've looked on eBay and Amazon but I want the original ones that are on my car....not the newer ones that have the ats or afs. I don't want the headlights that have a line of 5 light bulbs. I will even buy them used if they look nice. Lexus wants over a grand and that's not happening.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. It worked just fine on the way to work this morning but I know it will cut off again.
  4. Hello Lexus owners....I'm new to the forum. Ok....I'm driving home this past Friday and my radio shut off all by itself. The display said "audio off." I turned it back on and 5 minutes later it shut off again! This has been happening all weekend. I have all factory parts. Yesterday, the display screen blinked on and off for a few minutes. Any advice out there would be greatly appreciated.