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  1. Sorry that's code 68. Short circuit in kick down switch. But like I said won't pull check engine light codes
  2. Thanks I appreciate your help. And I have pulled the codes and the only one coming up is 78. And that's the O/D light blinking. Which believe is when u push the pedal all the way down it's not going far enough to activate the switch. I think. And then the check engine light won't even blink at all!! If there were no codes thought it would blink continuously. But doesn't even come on
  3. Bulb failure light and check engine light one on after I start my car but not until I apply my brake pedal. They come on at the same time. Any idea what this could be. Have changes all bulbs. Didn't think both lights had anything to do with another. But not sure what this means
  4. I have a 1990 Lexus LS400 and the check engine light and bold failure light is on. When I disconnect my battery to clear red I'll start the car and it won't be on it will come back on only when I step on the break when I'm stopped. But I don't have any lights I need to be replaced. Would anyone have an idea what this could be?
  5. See this is off Rock Auto showing for my car the 210-0170 and Amazon too. That's why I was wandering if this is the one i want
  6. I have a 90 LS400 and same thing have a power steering leak all warning lights came on and when I braked they dimmed and car died. And battery wouldn't hold a charge. Now I'm buying new alternator today but for the 90 is the Denso 210-0170 the best and right one to go with. Cause also says the 210-0274 and 210-0282 fit too. But the 0170 see more. I'm not sure please some advice. Or the Denso W0133- 1602373
  7. There is 3 Denso Alternators coming up on Amazon for my car too. Model 210-0282, 210-0176, 210-0174, and 210-0170. Does anyone know difference and what's the best for a 1990 Lexus ls400. Thanks
  8. Sorry they are showing up. Basically I was just wandering if anyone can tell me the best alternator I can get. No more than 200 really. I know the best I believe is the dense obviously reman. But there is two I see and one is the W0133-1602373 and the other is the 210-0170. What's the best to go with? The first one had like 29 point inspection and didn't see that on the other but guess it's where u buy it. Let me know thanks. Would that cause my car to idle really really low? Also obviously could be the tune up. Has 1989 wires on it 😦
  9. Also what is the difference? Both are like $1 apart but the W0133 says it went through inspection and more details. I know Denso is the OE. But what is the best one I should get. Or is there something else? And is one of those OEM
  10. Hey thanks I just figured out my password and couldn't log in. But ya I bought a new battery cause it caused it to go bad. And I'm ordering a new alternator tonight. My buddy is a mechanic and doing full tune up, pads and rotors, and Alternator replacement all for 300 bucks. When you remove and install the Alternator to get to the power steering pump and the lines and everything that it could be leaking from is that going to have to be done before reinstalling it Alternator. Or can it be done and accessible after the alternator is installed. Because that wasn't part of our deal. I want him to do the turn up and alternator and then have him see where the source is and problem. And obviously have him fix it. Because don't want to install new one and not fix the leake and have new one ruined. So I know I have to do that. I see power steering fluid where came out top of reservoir and spilled down. Don't know if someone spilled or what. But was reading something where if it's the high pressure line it can cause it to come out the reservoir. Not positive on that. I know basics bout cars but nothing to that degree. I know when I turn my wheels and pump Engadges it causes tiny leak right at rack and pinion. The boot is soaked. But they said needed replacement but not something that has to be done cause barely anything. I also never have to fill it up. So it's not a bad leak but a leak. Does that help where anyone can give me advice where it could come from to have alternator failure that is dripping from boot at the rack. Or it's that just another leak? I know pump is above alternator so if anyone can give me anymore advice I would really appreciate it a lot. And thanks both of you who replied. Means a lot.
  11. Car battery was fully charged but something made it go bad where it can't gold s charge. All my warning lights are on in my car and when I brake everything goes dim and car loses power and dies. Also in the power steering cap you can see how it has went everywhere and know alternator is below it and that's a big broblem. But why all warning lights. And underneath car it is covered everywhere from lines. Not sure what's going on. Help