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  1. I drive a lexus es350 07. I filled in diesel by mistake and before I could stop i filled in about 5gal. Now the car has 5gal diesel + 4 gal petrol. I drove 1mi after that to get it to my home and planning to tow the car to my local garage and have them flush the fuel system. But that can happen only tomorrow and I am worried about letting the car sit overnight with the diesel in it. Is there a way for me too siphon off the fuel from the tank ? Has anybody done this before on a Lexus ?
  2. I know that sounds like a lot of miles but the car has been kept very well that the current mileage is about 30mpg! Regular maintenance and one owner. Almost close to finalizing the sale. Test drive went great. Car had slight tendency to lean towards one side at high speeds (70-80) if left uncontrolled. But I read that that's not uncommon. Just trying to get opinions as to if this is a good decision. Very reasonable price too. Any potential issues to watch out for ? Have scheduled an inspection in two days although it was inspected very recently.