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  1. I remember looking at the vehicle. The ECU is damaged from being shorted to power on it's ground. The ECU needs to be replaced, or disassembled and repaired by a professional technology company .... This is what the mechanic sent me so maybe im wording things wrong but anyhow ...do you have any idea what a fix like this would range around and whats easiest way to go about getting it fixed?
  2. I just really really don't want to get rid of this car if i can help it best car I've owned so far , still has lots of potential
  3. I actually replaced the crankshaft sensor after the car stopped starting and didn't seem to effect it.the car won't run but it turns on still, windows radio etc still function .. should I take it to another mechanic? It's the ecu that he was saying was out. And being on a tight budget when I looked online I found some cheap ones are they easy to install?
  4. Hi and thank you. I was fixing a hose and noticed the front fan was not working so I removed the fan. Since I did that the car would try to start but no luck in actually getting it going. I took it to a mechanic and he said that being that I had the car on when messing with the fans it fried the computer/wiring harness?
  5. I have a 92 ls400 with about 290k on the engine. Just recently while trying to fix some fans apparently the computer fried and not its not running the dealer said I can do a complete engine swap or look for the harnessing and replace it all.. Has anyone had to do this? What would be the best way to go about getting it up and going again