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  1. After some searching, I found a set of 20" wheels on Ebay. Cost me <$800 USD. While they look like the F-sport wheels, they are a touch different. These are made in China however so quality remains to be determined. They were a perfect fit. No Lexus decals were included however and the Toyota decals that come with them feel cheap.
  2. Thanks eugene. I have gone to two stores locally. Both stores gave me the exact same 'three' wheel options. DUB wheels can be drilled to match the bolt pattern of the vehicle. They are shipped from California. I live in Alberta. The other option is to order a luxury line wheel, with the cost of each wheel being $2500/wheel. Not exactly what I had envisioned. Wondering if the bolt pattern can be changed, the potential viability, and where this can be done.
  3. Hi, Recently bough a 2010 GX 460. I got it at a great price, though aftermarket wheels were installed on it. These wheels have a 'truckie' look to them. I'm looking for some non-replica wheels that have a more refined/luxury look to them. However, the Lexus bolt-pattern and offset do not lend themselves well to this type of wheel. Any recommendations? The first image is what is on my GX at the moment. The second is type of look I am aiming for.
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