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  1. And I have read some threads about this. But I have not found any clear direct answers. There were a bunch of; probably, and it should. Nothing on anyone who has done this successfully with information on the obstacles in the process.
  2. If anyone out there knows the answer to this question. don't be shy. Can I plug in a HVAC unit from a non GPS system (single Din) into a Nav system console. And replace the nav system with a after market Nav system. Will this be a plug and play or will I have to rob some connectors?
  3. Sure, I just need to know what part to replace! I can get a whole unit on ebay, but spend 250 and problem remains? That would suck!
  4. I have, removed the battery over night. It has come one a couple times and worked properly. But even with a white screen I can guess touch areas and switch radio stations. Weird
  5. I know it's late but I really recommend a dash mat. They have some nice ones out there.
  6. I'm a new member, just bought a 1998 GS300. 210k on it and very well cared for. The only problem is the NAV screen. It's lit up all white (essentially a blank screen). Does anyone have a knowledge they can share to isolate the problem to the screen or something else?