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  1. Sold the GX470, have the mats leftover. 125 - user pays shipping. Items are located in York, Pa. Please send an email to '' if you are interested.
  2. Here are some old pics... Can we get back on topic now?? ;)
  3. Here is a pic of the brake light. Sorry for the close up but I can't open the garage door at the moment. Does the pic jive with what a factory spoiler would be like?
  4. I just checked my GX and it does have a brake light on the spoiler, it's just blended in with the pic I posted. Can other owners who have the blizzard white paint check their cladding to see if there is a slight mismatch? I am taking my car in next week for the 5K checkup and want to know if I should flag this or not.
  5. Why not keep the boxster and still get the GX? I would never trade in my roadster for the life of me.
  6. Thanks for the reply, so this is normal?
  7. Unlisted, I am sorry but I don't see where you are talking about the paint differences.
  8. I have added a pic so to better illustrate what I am talking about. Everything below the line is a different shade of white than everything above the line.
  9. Just noticed this today. The bumper/plastic part does not match the upper half of the car. The lower part seems a bit whiter. Is this normal?
  10. OK, so the spots do not come out that well in the photos. It is not noticeable on the car unless you are really looking for it. My question is, is the dealer going to mess it up my paint job trying to correct this? If so, I would rather just leave it alone.
  11. No, no spots in the areas you mentioned.
  12. Well, my 5000 miles service won't be for another month or so. I will try to work it out before then. I will also try to get some pics snapped this weekend.
  13. 1 is on the front bumper towards the passengar side. The other is near the rear driver side wheel well. I tried to take pics in the garage but they are not coming out. I will take pics in the sunlight. I tried to wax them out but it seems like they are underneath the clear coat.
  14. Washed my car for the first time in 2 weeks and noticed 2 areas where there are brown spots. My car is white. Anyone else have this problem?
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