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  1. 2003 Lexus ES - the portion of the dashboard that covers the passenger airbag is separating at the top (see photo attached). We live in SF Bay Area and get temps in the 80-90's (a few days of low 100's) during the summer but not sure if the heat is enough to cause this kind of separation. I talked to the local Lexus dealer and asked them if there was any danger in the airbag either not deploying correctly or deploying pre-maturely due to the dashboard separation. They said I need to call Toyota National and open up an issue with them directly (i.e. they don't want to say anything related to safety that might make the dealership liable) They said my VIN# is not on the airbag recall notification list. So has anyone else had this happen to their dashboard / airbag and if so what did you end up doing to fix it? The dealership said all they could do is replace the dashboard but the airbag was a separate component and they have no way to know if the airbag is impacted by the dashboard seam separating. Thoughts or opinions welcome. thank you Steve