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  1. Hi, I purchased a 1992 SC400 about two weeks ago - It was a private sale. It has 295,000kms on it ( I'm from Canada - that's about 183,000 miles). I'm finding quite a number of common faults that I did not catch during my test drive, (1)The speedometer needle does not illuminate. And the Tachometer needle also seems to be on the way out. (2)The seller pointed out that she disconnects heater control valve vacuum hose to prevent the heater from coming on in the summer. (3)The CD player is missing it's magazine. (There's some on ebay, but I'm not sure if there's different models). (4) The climate control LCD display is deteriorating. (5)The driver's seat leather is quite badly worn - including one or two small tears. All in all, this is a fun car, but as I find more things wrong with it I get intimidated over the costs of repairing it.