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  1. I know the LC500 has had some teething problems such as rattles and alarm system faults but haven't come across windshield damage as yet.
  2. Hi Mike...welcome to the Forum I think as the vent assembly should be a push fit on spring clips then it should prise out of the dash (obviously using only moderate force). Maybe use the end of the handle of a tea-spoon or similar. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  3. I believe that Hydrogen is the obvious choice to go forwards but unfortunately as long as there is oil being sold worldwide then we have no chance of seeing this occurring, at least in our lifetimes :-(
  4. Hi...welcome to the Club Sounds like it is tyre related .... tyres fitted in the wrong direction? wheel alignment out? incorrect tyre pressures?
  5. Hi Jeff....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  6. Hi Denny....good to see you back That's a fine looking spec by the look of it? Be sure to let us know how you're getting on with it Cheers, Trevor
  7. I would imagine it is coded to the either need to get it coded to yours or you would need the immobiliser system to match the ECU
  8. You may be able to find a trimmer to re-cover it...would need removing first though
  9. It sounds like either there is air trapped in the ABS modulator block or it is faulty...either way, I would have it checked by a reputable garage to ensure nothing else is wrong with the system. Also, if the pistons are forced back in without winding them back or releasing the bleed nipple to allow the pressure not to travel back up the system as this can cause problems with the ABS hydraulics.
  10. there's only one way to really find out....good luck and let us know how you get on
  11. Hi Morgan I don't think car / mobile phones are capable of logging an extension on the back of the phone number as this is more of an internal phone system function
  12. Hi Matt Sounds like an aerial issue....maybe see if you can track through the connections to the external aerial or if there is a connection to mount an aftermarket external aerial. Let us know what you find
  13. Hi Dave....welcome to the Club There is a recent post on this forum regarding coil spring conversion by a member on his GX...reckoned it performed better than the airbag set up. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  14. I'm guessing that maybe a battery reset may bring the screen back to life...certainly worth trying as a starting point.
  15. nathanOJ Sorry to hear about your 1990LS400 has mentioned, if it is in great condition and being an up and coming classic then a specialist dealer in prestige cars should be able to sell this for you on a commision and get a great price for it whilst displaying it in a clean, dry showroom. Alternatively, you should be able to list it on this forum's For Sale section with no restrictions now. Good luck with the sale
  16. Hi Alex.....good to see you back on here. Sorry, I don't remember you from the 'good old days' as I'm relatively new on here myself but I do date back to forums of the past (different owners clubs) and it is definitely great to see old threads and remember when it was heavily populated. Hopefully, you can continue to populate this forum with your knowledge and wisdom, or at least regular topical news and funnies :-) Cheers, Trevor
  17. Hi Nathan You raise a good point and one that we shall consider further. Hopefully in this instance, you are able to post up the advert and it would be nice for the car to go to someone who would cherish it as much as the previous owner. Could I ask who it is that has passed away (private message me if you like)? Best Regards, Trevor
  18. Hi Morgan...welcome to the Club The RX400h is a great car....took one out for a road test recently and loved it Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  19. Hi Jorge....welcome to the Club Does the vibration come on at a certain speed and also disappear after a certain speed (e.g. start at 40mph and disappear at say 60mph)? If so, then this could be a wheel balancing issue. If it is there constantly from the moment you pull away then it sounds like a driveshaft or engine running issue. Cheers, Trevor
  20. I would take the car to a dealer for at least the first three years to ensure that all service adjustments, upgrades (including upgraded parts) and settings are carried out while being serviced. $500 is relatively cheap for a main dealer service and you have peace of mind that there are no issues with the warranty
  21. Over-Running Pulley - How to test: Be aware, your car may not be fitted with one but it is good to see if it has and test for defect, if fitted. Harmonic Balancer - How it works: These can be damaged by incorrect removal in the past, and you would see the pulley deflecting but easiest way to test is to remove the belts and run the engine to see if the vibration has lessened. Timing Belt: If in doubt, replace as a matter of urgency if overdue before it fails and destroys the engine
  22. I would agree with lexus114 with the statement of not running like it has the potential to. With a higher octane fuel you will achieve a smoother running engine and enhanced efficiency (especially if you run a quality brand of fuel) in which case the engine should return more miles per gallon so maybe this is the cost saving incentive and way to go?
  23. It should be something that you can have dialled out as it is the case here in the UK that for insurance purposes the car must lock and immobilise after a certain period of inactivity. Your dealer or specialist repairer should be able to switch off this function with the correct diagnostic equipment