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  1. Thank you, I will be sure to update!
  2. I went and bought a bunch of Led's for the rear. Not top of the line but not super cheap. So I am going to mess around with them and see what happens. I am planning on updating my tail light assemblies to get rid of the yellow/amber sqaure turn signal, the newer come clear imo look nice! I did find some Led's that switch back from a clear to amber, pretty interesting to see those function and if they wok, hyperflash etc. If anyone wants a update or product info, just let me know, that is if all goes as planned!
  3. My email is turbo_x22@yahoo.com for batgirl and any others that want to contact me. Just make sure you put something I would recognize as the subject line, its a very old email address and I get a lot of spam. I will try to help you in any way I can. will have to find all my documents to help refresh my memory.. they will ONLY help you if you are a returning customer and bring it to them???? That right there sounds pretty F'ed up if you ask me!!!! Well I will start briefly tonight with a few pointers because I have to get up early tomorrow and didnt want to leave you hanging. Start writing a journal with dates, doesnt have to be in order YET, but just as you recall things write them down. Situations, dates, any receipts or paperwork you have, obviously the more the better. I am sure you know if you go to lexus.com and join, putting your VIN # in pulls up every service and mileage, info, stuff like that. Research, research, research! If Lexus told you that, communicate through email so all is documented. Something that quickly comes to mind is emailing them and saying, why do you only help people(what they told you) etc etc. Scan the internet for others having the issue. Read their stories, see what they were told. The more you recall write it down. Names, dates, times, anything and everything. A body shop or even another non lexus dealer. basically a person who knows paint WILL put it down on paper if you act like a customer, maybe say you have a warranty that covers it9of course you forgot it) if it isnt from neglected paint and is due to bad paint, primer etc. also start looking into that, what different types of damage such as bad primer will look like after several years. I am calling it a night. I hope you get a idea of what I am saying. Or if you just want the short version, I can tell it to you that way too, called GM, made a complaint, they offered nothing that satisfied me. Met with the area Rep, same thing, filed with the BBB and asked for arbutration, won,won, never bought another Pontiac! LOL! Ok, im getting slap happy. I have no problem giving you advice. oh! my name is Jay
  4. Hello everyone, has anyone went and changed the rear tail, brake, turn signal, bulbs from the traditional filament to plug and play LED? I replaced the license plate lights that are LED that came with the new housing and they just plugged in, work and look fantastic! I have a 2003 so no Canbus. Now the license plate lights look so great I want the rest to look "uniform". I read about the hyper blink issue and see I can get amber led's with resistors already assembled into them. Has anyone purchased changed theirs or know what route to go? When it comes to the choices there are so many and I am not up to speed on the technology or what all the numbers mean! I dont need a super expensive set up, If I get a year or 2 out of them, thats fine. I plan on updating the housings to get rid of the amber colored plastic to the clear. So for now, just looking for suggestions and experiences. Any input I really woulds appreciate! Ebay has so many choices it will make my head spin! Tried to read up on the specs they list, how many LED, smd, this that, lets just blame my A.D.D! Thank you!
  5. I have been through the arbitration process twice and won both times. First was a 1991 Pontiac GTA second was a 1995 Pontiac Trans Am. Its a lot of work and headaches, but if they admit it was bad from the factory, they have to do something, they replaced my 1st one with a brand new car, the 2nd I had them buy it back from me. It depends on how much fight you have in you. I will be more than happy to tell you what I did, the most important is, get everything in writing and bring it to several dealers and independent shops stating the paint is flawed from the factory. It was a long, time consuming process. The 1st 1 they wanted to repaint a brand new car! NO WAY! Like I said, it was worth it to me, if anyone wants to know what I did, I will be more than happy to help!
  6. Dropped the GX off at the dealer, got a estimate of $1000, my service advisor said the "detent" in the shifter assembly is the issue, its broke, according to her techs notes. I found the part online at a Lexus dealer for about $400. MY dealer wants over $600. Anyone ever remove the center counsel? I have more time than $ right now. LOL! I am going to hit her up for a better price, but it does appear to be very labor intensive! ANY input? Any would be appreciated! Either way, it is getting fixed. Thank you!
  7. Thank you landar, i was thinking the same. I was debating on getting a whole used assembly and putting it in myself. However, I cant find ANY info to replace it or a diagram of the assembly, what it takes to "get to it".
  8. Hi, really like the club, thank you! I bought a 03 GX470, I LOVE IT! Had some maintenance done, its in incredible condition outside and in. From the records, the previous owner took very good care of it. HOWEVER, after I let my girlfriend driveit 1 time! The gear selector was very loose/sloppy and it didnt shift into gears like it did. No bit of resistance, or the feeling when changing gears. Coincidence? She is shorter, IDK if she used it as a handle, or if it broke/wore out. Anyone else have this issue? DIY fixes, suggestions? Any advice about this, or ANY suggestions about anything, would be appreciated! Thanks for a great club, I apologize if I did anything incorrect. Excited to read and learn all about the posts! THANK YOU!