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  1. Replacing plugs

    Hello, The intake manifold needs to be removed on your car so you will need an intake manifold gasket and I would recommend a throttle body gasket. You can skip the throttle body gasket but the coolant lines that run through the throttle body will have to be removed which means your mechanic will have to bleed the cooling system. I would just get both gaskets it only costs a few dollars but you absolutely need the intake aka plenum gasket.
  2. You can have oil leaking from the head gasket without any white smoke (steam) coming from the exhaust. The steam is caused by coolant entering the cylinders, being heated by the combustion and sent out the exhaust as steam. Your Service advisor described a leaking oil pan and an oil leak at the head gasket which is possible. However it is more likely based on my expiencing that it is the timing chain cover that is leaking and running on to the head gasket. It may be possible to reseal the timing cover without removing the engine so it would be considerably cheaper. First step I would say go get a second opinion on the source of the leak, second contact Lexus America with your woes and see if they will do anything for you
  3. Common Issues And A Ls400 Buying Guide

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the 98' ls400 I'm considering. My only concern about the car is the price, the kbb on the car is 4,073 in excellent condition. I know that kbb doesn't always apply and Id like to think that it doesn't especially in this case. I used every trick I can think of, but he won't go any lower than $5,500. I am a Lexus tech in CA, I have checked this thing out from top to bottom, its mechanically 10/10 and cosmetically 9.9 I would say its really nice and ran perfect on the 30 mile test drive I went on. Basically what I'd like to know is if I'd be getting ripped of or if I'm getting good value? In case anyone is wondering, there's no air suspension, no navy, all electronics work, and a stack of other maintenance records such as tranny service, tie rod. Ends brakes all the way around and coolant flush ect though they are from a Toyota dealer rather than Lexus but that doesn't bother me too much