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  1. Is there a product that I can install tha twill give me AUX input in my non Nav stereo? I would like to hook up my Sirius. This is on a 2000 LS400.
  2. I'm sure you get a lot of these messages so sorry for any possible repetition. I am currently driving a Northstar powered Cadillac and love the car to death. The car just turned 90,000 miles and went out of warranty; and while it runs like a champ, I have a few worries. I don't want to bash Cadillac, my other car that is almost the same has been problem free. Looking at back maintence logs, the warranty company has paid quite a bit of money for repairs. I had a sensor replaced in the transmission ($20) but the entire cost included dropping the transmission to replace it. While it was out
  3. No problems whats so ever? No rattles or anything at that kind of milage?
  4. I am looking to buy an LS400. I was wondering how its going to be in the long run. Generally do many things break? I have read about the shocks problem, if they went bad I would plan on replacing them with normal passive shocks. I am looking at a 93 with 96,000k on it, does this milage seem high, any potential future problem I will encounter at this milage? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Why would you say that? If its in reguards to my rust coment, let me clairify. I was talking about light oxidation that wasn't really thick rust yet.
  6. Wouldn't the underside of any car from 92 have a lot of rust, not heavy rust but brown oxidation
  7. I am a little worried that the repaint may have rust somewhere underneath though its not visible. Are there any certain areas where this car would rust? Should I expect rust on the underbody of the car?
  8. What about the cost of replacement parts? Are they relatively expensive?
  9. Thats pricy for rotors granted they are performance geared. I am going to buy an SC and was wondering how much the OEM type rotors go for?
  10. What about the model being the first production year? Any problems with that?
  11. I am looking to buy a 92 SC 300 with 85,000 miles. I was originally going to buy a Cadillac Seville STS but due to the numerouse horror stories, I think I may go with the Lexus. With the given milage, what kind of problems am I going to begin seeing? How do these bodies age as far as with rust? Will I notice an power loss with this kind of milage? Another big thing I am worried about is struts. The main reason that I don't want the STS is that each front shock on the car runs for about $1000, and is the only one that will work properly with the car, when the shocks and struts do go bad o
  12. I have spent the better half of a year looking to buy a Cadillac Seville STS, after hearing too many horror stories I have decided to go with the Lexus instead. So I have a few quick questions that I would like answered. First of all, the ratings between the v6 and v8 are very similar. Does the 300 preform nearly as well as the 400? What kind of gas milage can I expect from each car? And lastly, how do higher milage ones hold up (80,000 +)? Thanks
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