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  1. Update: I checked with Lexus and they could order them for about 2.52 a piece. I got the part number and checked with Toyota and they got the exact clip for 1.50 each. So much cheaper going to Toyota for sure. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thank you Shawn. I will try those options. I hate the design, the way that the clips either stay on the piece or stay in the hole and then fall down into the body work of the trunk. I will definitely try this.
  3. This morning when I was taking something out of my trunk, the trim molding that says Lexus popped off. It has 4 clips latched onto plastic inserts. I think I just need the metal clips. The plastic things the inserts latch onto that clip into the car, seem to be intact. Where can I get this whole trim piece cheap and, or the metal clips? Help please. Thanks. Linda
  4. From a 2002 model and everything was working perfectly wjdm it was pulled. I will sell for comparable price that you can find on ebay. 200.00 plus shipping? You let me know if that is fair and if not we can negotiate. I would just like to sell it so that I can get it out of my kitchen. Lol. Thanks. Linda
  5. I have a fully functional Lexus SC 430 radio for sale. I changed out my radio and now would like to sell this one, if you are looking for an OEM unit. Reply back to this or message me. Also comes with the wood grain door intact on the radio as well. Make Offers, really just need to sell it and get it out of my house.. I hate clutter and right now I have so many things to list and sell on Ebay it isn't even funny. One less thing would be SO nice. Thank you, Linda
  6. Thanks so much Shawn/Oklahoma. I checked all of the things you indicated and went to the dealer armed with info. So it indeed was the vacuum hoses. Being that they were original, they were hard as a rock and pretty much dry rotted, to a point. So when they disturbed the vacuum hoses to redo the valve cover gasket and then reinstalled the OLD hoses, they had lost their seal and vacuum and thus caused the check engine light to come on. The dealer should have seen that when it went in for the inspection or came out. I have to say that I am pretty disappointed that they mechanic didn't think twice about putting the old hoses back on. I got them installed, and got all of the hoses changed out, the light is now off and has been off since picking up the car today. Thank goodness. :)
  7. I replaced my working radio with a new touch screen radio. I have a fully functional radio for an sc 430. Comes with door as well. Asking 250.00 or best offer. Seen on ebay for 350.00 for the same radio without door. This is a deal! Please respond with any questions or if you would like pics. Thanks, Linda
  8. Hi there. I bought an sc 430 several months ago. Have not had one issue with it. When I checked the service records there was a recommended repair of the valve cover gasket. I got that fixed and drove it home Friday add parked the car. Today I drive it and I have a check engine light. I took it to advance auto to have them scan it and it is code p0440 evap emission system and p0446 evap emission system vent control circuit. My question, could this have been screwed up or messed with or disconnected and not hooked back up after they worked on the valve cover gasket. I also had my back brakes re done. I definitely didn't have this issue before they worked on it. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Linda