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  1. The engine light and traction control light went on simultaneously. They stayed on for about 2 hours (I stopped and started a couple of times), then they went off. I took it to a Toyota dealer (after the lights went off by themselves) who confirmed that the engine light and traction control lights had been triggered, but they couldn't diagnose a problem. So, they suggested watching to see if it happened again. The lights went on again yesterday, then off. They are on again today. Any idea what's happening?
  2. I lost one of my 2012 Lexus ES350 key FOB transmitters. I know I can go to a dealer with the other key FOB that I still have and get a replacement key FOB transmitter. Is there a less expensive way to replace my Lexus key FOB transmitter?
  3. I love my 2010 Lexus RX350. Runs perfectly. No known issues. Have never seen any leak on my garage floor besides water from the air conditioning. When getting a routine oil change, the Lexus service center said, "R/R Shock and Transmission Pan starting to leak - Guest advised." They wrote that on my service report. I told them I've never seen any leaks on my garage floor. They said it's starting to leak. Would you simply ignore this and not worry about it? Or, are you paranoid like me and figure they damaged my car so it will soon start leaking, and I'll have to pay them to fix it? Then, they can say, "We told you it was leaking." This morning, there was no leak of any kind on my garage floor.