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  1. James, if you have the invoice, that could shed some light. I'm thinking a sensor might solve this. Thanks again
  2. James, great to hear you had the problem fixed, any insight as to how? What was diagnosed as the problem? Who fixed so maybe I could reach out to them? Thanks
  3. Well I've been reading threads about similar problems however I haven't come across transmission "slips" in cold weather only. The performance issue I encounter seems to only occur when the temp is about 40 and below. During summer months it rarely/doesn't occur. At one point, I had read that there is a sensor that, when temps are low, the sensor triggers the transmission to hold gears to a higher rpm to help warm the engine to operating temp. Not sure if this is part of the speed sensor's job or if it's different sensor. So here's the problem, and I have noted that this happens around reaching operating temp, and after the engine is warm, it won't happen. I'll be driving and the engine will rev like in neutral. It's like the trans disengages and it is not gear or speed dependent. i can be cruising slowly in 2nd or rolling down the highway at 60. The trans drops out of gear then it seems to "search" for the right gear. I have found that letting off the gas and giving the car a chance to "decide" usually works, at slower speeds I will manually shift down to get it to engage. Any help is appreciated.