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  1. The service consultant called and stated they got approval to replace both door actuators, which they had in stock, and he is finishing up the paperwork. I asked if I was going to have a problem with the rear and he said "they don't get cycled as much as the front." I told him I guess we will jump off that bridge if we get to it and he laughed. The Lexus gods were good to me.
  2. I dropped my car off this morning and just received a message on my answering machine late this afternoon from the service consultant that the technician confirmed that "the door lock actuators are failing on the two front doors." This is my fifth new Lexus, and third from this dealership. The car is now 45 1/2 months old, within the time warranty, and has 57,201, out of the mileage warranty. I will speak with him tomorrow and hope Lexus takes responsibility.
  3. My 2015 ES300h, purchased new on 02/26/2015, now has 57,000 miles and its very first issue. Last week, on 12/07/2018, I attempted to lock my doors with the key fob and did not hear the feedback tone or see the feedback lights. I checked and all doors were locked except the left front. I opened the left front door, closed the button manually (it would not close with the power button), closed the door, and it functioned normal; all doors locked and unlocked with the key fob, I heard the feedback tone, and saw the feedback lights. I brought out my new key fob, and put a new battery in.
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