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  1. I just did mine..it works!! next time imam use the one with baking soda or whitener lol
  2. I used toothpaste and mannnn u can see the toothpaste turning yellow... I shoulda took pictures of before and after, and this is just the regular colgate. I will try the one with baking soda next time ;)
  3. any remedies with the headlight kina turning amber?
  4. is it normal that the spare tire cover is somewhat loose? the actual housing shakes but its tight up...............
  5. 53805-48040 I just got this advice to look up on this part number
  6. yay!!!!!!!! you are a PRO!! thanks so much... ill order it just that specific part u are awesome
  7. ok ill try that.. is that a symptoms of loose? I hope I don't have to replace it :)
  8. my headlight turns off on my IS250 but if I switch it off and turn it back on ,it seems ok....why? just the passenger side tho... pls help
  9. I have a high mileage on it, 138K... the cover for the spare tire moves,is that normal?
  10. is that what they call it?? do u know the part number by chance?? thank you soooo much
  11. Anybody here can identify this part of my car? Seems like i lost it somewhere unnoticeable.. 😏 Its like a piece of plastic cover connected to the bumper pls help 😆