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  1. No. Check engine light. Yes. Engine runs fine in park and revs up fine.
  2. I own a 1993 LS400 and have a weird problem. Note: I do not and cannot do my own repair work. The problem: the engine starts perfectly. The engine will accelerate in RPM - no problem. As soon as the car is shifted into any gear, the engine stalls immediately. The engine will start immediately and run until it is shifted into any gear. (It is an auto transmission, so into gear means D or R). The car was towed to a Lexus dealer a few months ago. I really thought this would be a quick fix. However, the dealer is totally stymied. They really don't know what is causing the problem and haven't a clue what to due. It is only an extra back up car for me, so it just sits at the shop. Anyone have any ideas or could recommend a good Lexus knowledgable shop/mechanic in Columbus, OH??