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  1. Yea, any help on this topic would be helpfull. Ever since I bought my 92 SC300 the keypads haven't worked. If the programing is different and you have it to post that would be great.
  2. Hi about a year ago I bought a 92 SC300 It currantly has 160,000 miles on it. For the most part i love my car, but recently I have run into a problem that is driving me insane. My Car has developed a habit of ideling rough and sometimes stalling out when cranked. The car put a code showing that the MAF sensor was bad. So 600$ later i replaced the part. Didn't change a thing. Trying to discover whats wrong without being at the overpriced mercy of The Lexus Dealership is enough to make you crazy! As of current I have added an Injen Air Intake, Lowered the car using Eibocks pro kit, Added a set of Motegi FF5 wheels. Future Plans include Borla pipes, Lextech gauges, Full stereo, and maby one day a engine swap for something w/ twin turbo.