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  1. Like a fool, I closed my keys in the trunk while on vacation. After calling a locksmith, he unlocked the car and set the alarm off, causing the doors to lock and disable the trunk switch. He removed the lower dash panels containing the switch, and jumped power to the White and black wire on the switch. He fried the wire, left, and now here I am. I used a Lexus emergency key to open the trunk and retrieve the keys. Upon placing the key in the ignition, everything was functioning but the cluster. I can see my gear selection indicator and my idiot lights, but no tach, speedo, water temp, or fuel gauge. I have checked the MPX B fuse, SRS B, Panel, and Gauge fuses, each of which appeared to be fine. I have since disconnected the battery (twenty minutes prior to the publication of this post). Please help me identify the problem, I am very concerned. Thank you.