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  1. if the code reader had freeze frame Im unaware of it also Im not sure what you mean by DI-53
  2. ok after pulling off several sensors checking them putting them back on, the sensors checked fine all in good standing. After putting them back on a miracle code popped up, its a P0011 Intake camshaft position timing Over-Advanced (bank 1) I tried looking this up but all I can find is information all the Crank position sensor. Are these the same thing? Can someone point me in the right direction? Also downloading a FSM isnt as easy as you mention it as the link on this forum is dead, along with (myis) and clublexus (404 not found) but with that being said I may just be l
  3. When I clear code then start the car, the CEL comes on immediately (cold or hot) but when the car is started from cold it will run fine (even with CEL on) until it warms up I will get my meter out and check those sensors tomorrow, :) hopefully i just need to replace one, clear codes, and be on my merry way
  4. I have my 2002 IS300 5 speed car has been running great %100 stock recently It started misfiring real bad, Codes that have come up are as follows P0301 Cylinder #1 — Misfire Detected P0302 Cylinder #2 — Misfire Detected P0303 Cylinder #3 — Misfire Detected P0304 Cylinder #4 — Misfire Detected P0305 Cylinder #5 — Misfire Detected P0306 Cylinder #6 — Misfire Detected P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected There was also a bank 1 o2 sensor upper CEL as well but i dont remember the code With that being said i have replaced common items that can cause this. Sparkplugs with OE NGK
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