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  1. @Jem_D3 seriously? Damn.

  2. Ready for them to wake up tho cuz a !Removed! is hungry lol.

  3. Lord help us

  4. Made it home by the grace of God. Seen several accidents along to way.

  5. He did betray me! I asked & he kept lying to me. 😂

  6. RT @TakeYouToRome: All the hoes jockin, beat steady knockin, middle of the stage got the whole club rockin

  7. Mom, please don't. This comment just made me mad lol.

  8. You come thru with the fresh cut & panties get moist. Your barber really the 🔌.

  9. Back to work after 3 days off 😩

  10. He needs to cut his hair 😡😡😡

  11. Time to make breakfast. My tummy is screaming at me.

  12. RT @eemoneee: Once I mentally disconnect myself from you, there's no going back.

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