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  1. Good luck!!
  2. Getting ready to do this myself. Gonna just replace the ECU. Was told that Lexus is only car manufacture to offer one free evil to every Lexus owner. Not sure about that, but found some cheap online and not trying to solder. You know if I'll have to re key it? I'll post directions that I got to remove ECU in a minute!
  3. I was told with the OBD1 that of I don't have a check engine light on it won't give any codes? I'll use a jump wire tomorrow, hopefully it gives me something. Thank you
  4. Replaced alternator recently...because of the poor design...tested the electrical today. Battery and alternator perfect.
  5. Only owned it about a year. Haven't done a tune up. I just put new fuel filter in. No check engine light. Car has just over 200000. Drove it yesterday and seems when is in great under a load it wants no like surge. Thank you for any ideas.
  6. I have a 1990 ls400 and is idling really low and wife said other day it totally lost power out of nowhere. And when it was dying the RPMs seemed to really be lulling. Amy help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Trey
  7. Wouldn't change a thing about the body. I 💘 the lines. I'd make it a sleeper.
  8. And you're telling me a twin'd ls swap with a six speed isn't in the hierarchy of motors, if not the King? However, I do understand. This is my first import, I am a die hard Chevy enthusiast. With that said this may be one of the nicest most comfortable cars I've ever owned. Will be in the family until the end.👍
  9. That's what I was wondering. The whole fabrication thing. Thank you bro. How about a 2jz?
  10. Is it possible to swap in a Chevy V8 into a 1990 ls400?
  11. Perfectly said. WTF on the blacked out center hubs? However enjoy the car they are wonderful.
  12. My fog lights and my side markers are not working. Are they on same fuse? If not if one burns out will the other stop working? 1990 Lexus ls400