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  1. more and likely its the strut or something to do with suspension...i have the same problem
  2. some guy did it for me...dont know what he did, but drilled it out and sprayed something...$150
  3. car was towed today to someone who's going to work on it
  4. It did happen last Saturday :*( And it happened to be the far back, middle one. I'm getting it taken somewhere tomorrow. We've had no luck getting it out.
  5. Anyone hear of this happening or have had it happen?
  6. i was just wondering because i got scared that i changed the wrong o2 sensor. but i took the fuse out today and it did not reset the trip meter or clock, but the check engine was off after that. i guess i'm just goign to have to drive it around to see if it comes back on. usually after being reset it would come back on within 100 miles.
  7. toxic, did your light go right off or did you have to reset the car?
  8. Should you reset the car after you install a new o2 sensor?
  9. yep. autozone ran it. its the front o2 sensor. wh00t
  10. that is a tester? i saw it yesterday but i was just going with the plug that says diagnostic on it. i'll try that and let you know.
  11. they looked! autozones tester is rectangular. the diagnostic on mine is circular....
  12. i have a 96. autozone said they didn't have the right tool to fix it. if it is the egr, does anyone know how much these cost?
  13. I had been having problems with my check engine light coming on. Then I reset it and it would stay off 100 miles or so then come back on. Tonight after about 1000 miles of being on, it went away. Is this common and will it come back on?
  14. My cousin has a 92 and I have a 96. He has about 30k more miles, but I smoke him if we line them up.
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