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  1. Thank you for Reply. Now i didn´t start the Engine for 2 months, but I remember last Error was Multiple Misfires. I didnt hear Misfires but Engine was not running on all Cylinders. After starting cold all cylinders run, After warm up not all cylnders.. I will try next week and go to a Mechanic arround the Corner to Check pressure and for new faults in ECU.
  2. Hallo together, Please excuse I’m from Germany and can’t really speak English. I have a Big Problem and don’t know really what to do with my ls400 vvti. Last Year November I did by car for a good price from south Europe. A Region with Tempo Limits, car only about 100k Miles for a good price. I did get a cheap Flight and the Adventure starts. First Problem: Check Lamp (ECU) on. Seller told me no problem you just have to reset @ Lexus Dealer not possible here in this region. Its O2 Sensor, it’s changed. After starting driving home, heating is not working, I found not enough Cool
  3. Hallo together, first please excuse my bad English. My Name is Holger I´m from Germany and I did bought (may not a good deal) a 00 LS 400 with low mileage. but it seems the knock Sensor is not working. OBD Error: P0325 - Generic Type Powertrain - Ignition System or Misfire - ISO/SAE Controlled Description Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Location Bank 1 or Single Sensor I did found by searching: in You can change the knock sensors and wire harness without removing the intake manifold. Remove the EGR valve, PCV hos
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