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  1. You need to buy the adaptor from E-trailer part number HM43374, check the picture to make sure it will fit your connector at the spare tire. Next, you will need these two relays 90987-02025 and 81985-60021 for the laight to work. The first one you can buy from Denso product part number DEN567-0003, the other one you will need to buy from lexus. the first one is installed in thr front fuse box, the second one install in the back next to the back light on the driver side.
  2. I have a question on the trailer light. I have a 2003 GX470 and install a relay for the trailer in the front next to the fuse box. Now my 4 pins connector in the back have voltage when the headlight is on, but the signals and brake lights still did not work. Some one said that I need a green relay (relay converter), but I don't know where is this relay is locate. Can some one tell me where and how to get to it (step by step please). The relay part number is 8198560020 or 8198560021. Thanks in advance.
  3. When I did mine (same circumstances), I had to pop one relay in the from box and one behind the tail light (see the photo, the relay is the green box).A lot of people will tell you that all you need is the relay under the hood, but they rear relay is key. Why? because if you plugged the wiring harness in under the truck, by the spare tire and the relay under the hood, but not the green relay, a volt meter will show weak current when you check continuity at the harness. The green relay is available via mail order at Sewell Lexus. Photo Attached. Good luck! Joe Can you tell me how to get to the green relay (step by step)? thanks in advance