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  1. This is all good info. Since my post, a leak in the CV joint boot on both sides has been identified (around $600 to fix both), and I've been told that ideally the shocks and struts would be replaced (around $1,100 at a non Lexus dealership). I wish the car didn't have so much chipped paint on the hood as I'd feel better about investing this money in fixes. I'd like to drive it another few years. Any input/advice on touch-up painting, or repainting the car?
  2. In the last 6 months, I invested in a new set of tires and new brakes, along with a $500 repair just so the driver side door unlocks with the key fab (2 other doors won't, and a 3rd does sometimes). That is over $1,200 invested in the last year, thus adding to my desire to hopefully get up to another 2 years.
  3. I purchased my current Ultra-Luxury version of the ES350 in 2009, and think I've become a life-long Lexus driver. I take great care of the car, and other then regular oil changes, tires, brakes, and a few ticky tacky maintenance things like broken locks, burned-out headlight, etc. I've had very few issues. Now things seem to be popping-up including: "Replace right front inner CV joint boot," and "Replace transmission left axle seal." This is about $700 combined done at the dealership. I understand that parts and systems break down, though was hoping to drive the car until the end of 2017
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