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  1. I used to drive a BMW 330 and I never experienced lumbar pain. Last year, I bought an IS F sport and every time I drive the IS I am uncomfortable. Somehow, the way the sports seat grabs you around your ribs and by your legs, it makes driving very uncomfortable, shooting pain from my lumbar to my left leg. The pain is never the same, it moves from left to right every time I'm driving my car. I have to keep moving the seat position all the time. The lumbar support exists but you barely feel it, it doesn't make any difference at all. I am an active guy! I swim every day, I walk and sometimes I run and experience no pain at all but every time I drive my car for more than two minutes, the pain is there. I had a guest the other day, and we drove 50 miles and then he said "This seat is hurting the middle of my back...very stiff, not comfortable". Last month I drove 1500 miles over a 24-hour period in a NISSAN VERSA AND I HAD NO PAIN AT ALL. A month later, I drove a Lexus NX about 1600 miles and I had no pain at all. But every time I go to the pool to swim which is just about 10 miles, the moment I sit in that car, I start to feel pain. Please share your story!