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  1. Timing belt

    Not an expert here but I believe that the RX300 does NOT have an interference engine meaning the engine will not swallow valves, ruin heads, etc if the timing belt fails but you will need to be towed because the engine will stop running immediately. It won't run with a broken timing belt but it shouldn't cause major damage like it would with an interference engine. Please correct me if needed!
  2. Homelink Garage Door Opener

    9+ years later & this thread is still helping peeps, at least it helped me. Bought a beater 300RX and HomeLink sequence not spelled out properly in OM.. Thanks a ton to OP and all forum members for the help. :)
  3. '04 Es @ 90k, Now What?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone I have a local Lexus specialist car repair shop and I will check with and perhaps I can get my full 90,000 mile service done at a reasonable price My Lexus dealer and Toyota dealer are owned by the same family and are located side by side so it probably wouldn't pay me to go to the Toyota dealer :(
  4. My ES just turned 90K miles and I'm a bit confused as to what is necessary service? I change oil & filter regularly and have had normal wear items repaired/replaced ie Brakes, Wipers, tires, etc. Replaced the alternator last year. Thats it, nothing else.. My concerns are Tranny fluid! Should it be replaced? I'm well past the DIY stage of my life so have to go to a repair shop. What is recommended buy the masses? Thanks guys and gals Ralph