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  1. Hi All- I've been noticing a weird sound when I accelerate to 40+ MPH. It seems to be coming from the front drivers side wheel area. I can best describe it as something caught underneath (like a playing card in a bikes wheel spoke). Jacked the car up and looked underneath and didn't find anything out of place. I have recently replaced the tires so wondering if it might be out of balance or...??? Will be taking it into a mechanic soon and don't want to sound completely ignorant lol Any help would be much appreciated 🙂
  2. Wow! Thank you! That's exactly what it is. Need to replace a bulb. I really appreciate your help and quick response :)
  3. Hi all. I'm a new/used Lexus owner. So far I love it! I just had a service light come on and have no clue what it means. I've ordered an owners manual online. But I'm curious to know now why this light is on? It's on the bottom next to the zero on the speed gauge. It's a lil car with beams coming from the back? Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)
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