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  1. just traded in my 95 es300 on an 03 is300 and so far i love it. tight suspension and new rubber all around make handling a lot better than the es. voice nav (not that i will ever use it) and a decent stereo. afaik i am the second owner. it only has 24k miles and looks great. i paid ~25K and my insurance only went up $20/mo. pics
  2. rear have plenty of tread. the front are pretty bare though. i have hit a curb and gone off a bigger than expected drop a couple of times that threw the front off badly.
  3. i have 4 P205/65VR-15 Yokohama AVS dB S2 and am replacing the fronts tomorrow. love them.
  4. Is there a simple button to press to try setting the timing to factory defaults? Thanks! ← er, no
  5. front only: yokohama P205/65VR-15 Yokohama AVS dB S2 brake pads all around, and i need a front alignment badly. any special instructions i should be aware of?
  6. oil leaking all over engine? you should be able to verify or disprove this by looking yourself. do you find your oil level dropping? leaving oil in the driveway? see any drips? i would degrease the engine and look for any fresh leaks before taking their word for it.
  7. i know it is not a solution, but you can avoid smelling it in the cabin by selecting the air recirculate button on the a/c rather than the air from outside button
  8. fan sounds most likely. i didn't see a cooling system flush on that top list. did they think that was not necessary?
  9. 1995 ES300, unknown # of owners. purchased 12/01 at jm lexus (in-house certified preowned - 12 mo warranty) in margate, fl for $12,500. power everything, premium stereo, sunroof, everything worked when purchased. shortly after buying the car, the a/c stopped blowing cold and it was determined at jm service dept that the a/c dryer was defective. it was replaced at no cost ($1,700 if not covered by warranty). the electric stereo antenna was damaged when i was filling tires with air and the hose put pressure against the base of the antenna. since it did not move up and down, i disconnected the
  10. B) those look great! is there a howto on clearing the front and rear light covers? i really need to do both
  11. after reading this thread i changed my lowbeams today. the auto parts store didn't have silverstars so i got GE super blue's and they are a big improvement over the stock lamps. i will order silverstars for the highs the change was really quick and easy on the 95
  12. thanks. i'm just going to change the one at first due to the part cost and buy it from the dealer so i can do it saturday morning. will report with results. Update: i swapped it out last night and noticed that the sluggishness of the engine disappeared afterward. the whole job probably took 10 minutes after the engine cooled down. the only part that was not simple was that the wire harness does not have much room to rotate around with the sensor when un/!Removed! and i had to be careful not to damage the wires. as for the check engine light, i only idled for about 30 seconds after restartin
  13. My '95 es300 has a P0135 code that says the 02 sensor at bank one, sensor one is bad. The part is $138 and I am picking it up today, but I am not sure if it is the one at the radiator or the firewall. Does anyone know?
  14. excellent. that $50 from lfs is going to come in handy :)
  15. doh! is that user serviceable? i know my way around older engines well, but haven't done work on post 80's cars much.
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