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    MR SC 430

  2. Try checking your evp lines see if they are cracked then change the vacuum switch valve that will solve your problem.
  3. I have a SC 430 2003 it was stalling at start up it would take two to three turns before it would start. So I was directed to the evp system so I checked it and I had some rubber hoses that were cracked and broke which it was letting the pressure leak out that the car needed to start. So I changed those and that fixed it for a while. then it started it again doing the same thing so the next step for me was rechecking the evp lines again but they were good. So as I looked at the set up of the system I see this VACUUM SWITCH VALVE that is connected to the evp system once I changed that it worked perfect every time I turn the key first time it starts right up. I did check with the lexus dealer ship on how much it cost it was 115.00 plus tax. So I went on line to ebay and found that switch for 55.00 dollars. I hope this will help some of you SC owners a simple fix if you know what to do. Ps the evp setup you can find it under the plastic cover on the engine it is located on the right side face the car it has a green cap on it.
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