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  1. So, when I bought the GS the rear door speaker is a little cracked. so I figure no problem I will get one. is part of the door panel...AND Lexus wants $2500 for the door panel.
  2. you won't know until they peel the onion...just make sure you use a reputable shop...ANDDDD then sell it!
  3. that's what I was gonna tell you...I did the same thing and it came back on!
  4. found this guy...I'm gonna try it. my nav went, and the a/c buttons don't work. and it's 95 degrees pm's not letting me paste the link
  5. Just a heads up, I purchased an 07 GS350 for my wife, and had an oil consuming issue as well. I was devastated at first, but did some intel. Stopped at a local Lexus Service Center and gave a tech $20 for a few minutes to talk. He told me there were def oil consumption issues with the GS300's. My issue turned out to be the PCV valve. I was using 2qts. per 1000 miles. Since I changed the PCV valve and added Lucas Oil Treatment, (knock on wood) it's gone almost 3000 miles and no oil loss. AND for price comparison for you: I bought my 2 owner car with 104k for $13,500. They were asking $
  6. The stock GS350 wheels on my wife's car are pitting under the paint. I want to upgrade wheels to possibly the g-spiders or something similar. maybe even some take-offs from a newer lexus. Being that it's AWD...I cannot go with staggered wheels correct? or can I and just cannot rotate??
  7.'s been about 2 weeks and here's where I'm at... I added Lucas Oil Treatment to the missing oil and 1 qt. PLUS changed out the PVC valve which if faulty could consume that large amount of oil. My wife drives 90 miles per day, and so it's about 1000 miles roughly, and checked the oil about 3 hours after she go home and it was still up to the "full" mark. So fingers crossed.
  8. not at all...he's owned lexus in the past and has worked on all my vehicles...muscle cars to daily drivers...a good friend and a thorough technician.
  9. is bone dry underneath, so the front cover leaking is out of the question. I read about the PVC getting clogged, so I ran by thu e local Lexus to pick one up, and talked with a tech, who said obviously without seeing it: could be poor oil changes could have sludged the engine up...or oil leaking passed the rings, no way to tell until opening it up. Forget that noise...I put some Lucas oil stabilizer in it and will recheck after 1,000 miles. keep you guys posted
  10. lemon law is unfortunately out the window in NJ regarding cars with over 100k on the clock.
  11. So, I picked up this GS350 about 2 weeks ago. sidenote: on my way home from dealer the low oil level light flashed 2x, checked it when home and it was about 1qt low. I knew it needed rear brakes going into it, so while my mechanic had it, I changed the oil just for a fresh start. My wife tells me the engine oil level light came on 7x on her way home. Car was not running loud or rough. I put 2qts in it, and nothing is registering on the dipstick...bringing to my mechanic tomorrow. Not looking good... There is no oil on the driveway, no smoke coming from the exhaust...she's driven it about
  12. if they're prices were that significantly lower...probably part of the closure
  13. my current gs has 2 keys...but the one I was looking at before only had one key. I called my local dealership and they wanted $340 including reprogramming, as long as I had an existing electronic key.
  14. Thanks! Yeah I grabbed the 07 GS350 AWD w/ 104k mi. for $13,500. I had to put rear brakes/calipers on, change oil and a headlight...but that's about it.
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