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  1. Hi All, New asking price as of August 7th: $4500. Now, a great car at even more of a bargain price! Regards, Doug 774-573-9398
  2. Mattstermh, As it turns out, the purchase offer was a scam to get me to pay shipping charges! So, the SC400 is back on the market! I'd still like to get around $5K and am very interested in hearing "valid" offers... Regards, Doug
  3. Mattstermh, I just got a good offer this morning, so I think that it's sold. But, thanks for your interest! Regards, Doug
  4. Denny, Thanks for the feedback! The car had always been garaged and never driven in winter. For the past 8 years it's generally been put in storage from October through April. I no longer have the storage unit, which is one reason I'm interested in passing it along to another owner... Regards, Doug
  5. Denny, Thanks for your interest! The "book value" for this vehicle ranges from $4K-$9K and I still remember writing the check for $58K! Other than the cosmetic issues mentioned above, this car is in great shape, incredibly fun to drive, and has an amazing sound system. I'd like to get around $5K for it to allow whoever buys it restore it to its orignal glory... Regards, Doug
  6. I have a 1997 Lexus SC400 with 107K miles in need of a good home! The car was purchased new in 1997 for around $58K, has been in the family since new, and is in generally excellent condition. It does have the following issues: 1) It needs a new paint job. It's the gorgeous dark green color, but has the common Lexus paint deterioration issue which I've seen on similar models. 2) It needs new tires. I only put a few hundred miles on it each year, but the tires are probably 10 years old. 3) There is a very minor stretch tear in the leather of the driver's upper door panel. That's it! I'd love to have the car completely restored and made like new, but I don't have the space to keep it and it's really not a good winter car for the Northeast! I'm very interested in hearing offers and am ready to sell it immediately (before I change my mind again!). Call me on (774) 573-9398 or email me at Regards, Doug
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