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  1. Sorry we ended up buying a Nissan Pathfinder. Wifes choice.
  2. Well that one is a no go and were looking at this one now. I wonder how many of the 143 people that looked at this are actually gx470 owners. Guess not many. Anyway this one has Dark Interior and No Navigation, The rarer combo I was looking for!
  3. Hello, I'm looking at buying this for my wife and wanted to make sure it was a good deal. 2006 GX470 Fully Loaded as far as I can tell Mark Levinson Sound Nav Bluetooth Voice Command ( Technology Package ) 3rd row with air Air suspension DVD system with TVs in the head rests for the 2nd row The whole 9 yards There are a couple spots that have above normal wear.But aside from that it looks pretty good. Def not prestine, but it's a used 9 year old suv.... 114,000 Miles Price $13,300 Def needs a good Cleaning and Buffing with the paint but I think it would clean up great. I really like the blue metallic paint. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO MAKE THEM LARGE One of the spots where it had way above normal wear is the passenger side dash. I can only assume this is from a females set of feet on road trips... The rest of the dash isnt like this... Is the price fair? The dash needs replaced due to the wear and one single window switch needs replaced. The passenger side front window works, just not from the driver switch. Aside from that it ran great. I drove it for almost 45 minutes. Gave it some hell Braked like crazy, Cruised A Lot. So it felt great. Everything worked Blew Ice cold Blew hot Shifted Great. No Delay. No clunks, Butter smooth but fast and firm, like it should.... I just want to make sure It's worth what kbb and nada claim, (16-19k) so getting it for 13,300 should be a good deal
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